STAUNCH. is an ongoing publication based in so-called-Australia for Blak thought, theory and analysis. Focussing on ideological discourse around Blakness, decolonisation and the practical application of Blak politics whilst living in the colony, STAUNCH. is all about saying it with your whole chest.

STAUNCH. is by Mob and written with Mob in mind. STAUNCH. is edited by Mob. It’s a space for us to put forward our ideas, to be empowered, to create change, to work towards the world we want to see. It’s a space for theory, for activists, for organisers, for the front line and for changing minds. 

STAUNCH. is also for non-Indigenous folks who are ready to level up their engagement with anti-racist content and to decolonise their thinking. For those who are ready to move from ally to joining the frontline.

STAUNCH. is an imprint of Awesome Black.  

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By subscribing to STAUNCH. you’re gaining access to articles, essays, editorials and opinions directly from First Nations people. More importantly, it means you’re supporting a platform that exclusively publishes free and independent thought by First Nations people. Your subscription fees go directly into the hands of the Blak writers who’s work you’re consuming and into the Blak business who makes STAUNCH. a reality.

STAUNCH. exists to fill a gap in the Australian media landscape which has, for too long, been dominated by the voices of conservative white men and their enablers. We wanted to see a platform dedicated to promoting First Nations voices and opinions. A platform that wouldn’t require it’s contributors to pull punches, that wouldn’t partake in tokenistic displays of solidarity or perpetuate the idea that there is only one right way to look at things. A platform that is, and always would be, First Nations First.

Financially contributing to STAUNCH. by purchasing a subscription makes you an integral part of ensuring that this important space exists. A place where Blak thought not only belongs but is amplified, celebrated and allowed to build momentum. This place is unique, historically non-existent, and your financial backing is vital to it’s continuity.

In a more tangible sense, paying for a STAUNCH. subscription is a way for you to affect real world change for First Nations individuals and communities. This is money that stays in Blak hands, funds Blak work, feeds Blak families and creates wealth and opportunity in Blak communities. If you’re here as a non-Indigenous ally, a STAUNCH. subscription is one step towards becoming an accomplice.

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Blak thought, theory and analysis from so-called-Australia. Est. 2023


Travis De Vries is the founding director of Awesome Black and an avid artist. He formally produced and hosted flagship show Broriginals & Fear of a Blak Planet.
Blak thought, theory and analysis from so-called-Australia. Est. 2023